Only One Capsule


1 capsule before going to bed (if necessary 2 capsules) – only before going to sleep, with a glass of water.  

The capsule is resistant to gastric acids so that it will dissolve in the small intestine, and is therefore odourless. Since January 2007, the gastric-acid-resistant coating of the Strongus capsule does not contain any of the plasticizer dibutyl phthalate. Since 01/01/2007, we use Eudragit. For information, this plasticizer has not been banned by the German Health Authority as a component of pharmaceuticals.

Strongus has an important, stimulating effect on the lethargic gut, which is important in advanced age.
Strongus for the supportive treatment of peripheral and cerebral circulatory disorders.
Strongus for the supportive treatment of patients with coronary heart disease. Strongus helps detoxify the liver.
Strongus is has no rival anywhere in the world.

The highest dosage garlic capsule of highly concentrated essential garlic oil containing 19 active garlic agents. These active garlic agents can only be manufactured by this method – they cannot arise from fresh garlic or garlic powder.

The export prices are impressively low.


Strongus – "Made in Germany"