Salmon Oil Omega 3


In Germany, Ameu is only approved in the case of elevated triglyceride (blood fat) levels, not in the case of elevated cholesterol levels. Triglycerides (which are blood fats) have nothing to do with arteriosclerosis (this also concerns Sanhelios, Doppelherz and all other salmon oil omega 3 products). With salmon oil, you intake a large amount of cholesterol; every animal oil or fat contains cholesterol.

The manufacturer writes:
Please weigh up the benefits and risks in patients with a concurrently elevated cholesterol level.

Careful: Salmon Oil / Omega 3 (Ameu) prolongs bleeding time. Patients with coagulation disorders and patients taking anticoagulants must be medically supervised. The effects are intensified. Rapid increase in liver levels (which is often ascribed to alcohol in this country). Allergic skin reactions – such as reddening, swelling and itchiness.

Acute to chronic gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis)
Acute and subacute pancreatitis
Fat digestion disorders
Gall bladder and pancreatic disease Coagulation disorders.

In many countries – such as Germany and Austria – salmon oil is recommended against high cholesterol. That is irresponsible.
There are many dietary supplements in the form of salmon oil worldwide. These products are not approved, which is why this information is lacking, which is not good at all. Ameu is approved in Germany, so you will find this information on the product insert.