Cholesterol Reducers


"Diallyl disulfide" – the primary active agent in Strongus

Prof. Dr. Rolf Gebhardt of the University of Tubingen wrote in the journal
Natur und Medizin 2/2006:

Diallyl disulfide has the strongest effect, which acts on a control substance such that cholesterol production in the liver is down-regulated. Unlike diallyl disulfide, with its careful throttling, the cholesterol-reducing pharmaceuticals act like spanners thrown into the works: they act everywhere where cholesterol is needed in the blood. They completely block the formation of cholesterol and prevent the creation of important side-products – they also act throughout the entire body – testes, adrenal gland, hair and muscles are enormously burdened – diallyl disulfide, on the other hand, only acts at the centre of cholesterol production: the liver. The action of diallyl disulfide in Strongus capsules is gentle and targeted.

Strongus acts against:

- Counters cholesterol and triglycerides
- Counters high blood pressure
- Counters bad circulation
- Counters agglutination of blood platelets
- Helps the purging of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

It guards against stroke, heart attack and embolism.

- Especially for diabetics