Cholesterol Risk


Cholesterol risk – what lowers it?
Dry garlic powder – NO
Salmon oil – Omega 3 – NO
Essential garlic oil – YES

Only Strongus has essential garlic oil

We were warned against showing this advertisement; we were told we should not show it any longer. An action was filed against this advertisement with the Coburg Regional Court.

The request was to fine us € 250,000 for every offence – or alternatively 6 months of confinement.

Three months later, the action was withdrawn – since the statements are correct. The product information on Kwai forte (only available to physicians and pharmacists) reads: "Recent, controlled studies were not able to detect a blood fat lowering action of dry garlic powder."

For many years, companies selling dry powder have been advertising a cholesterol-reducing action that does not exist. This concerns products such as Kwai forte, Kyolic, Dr. Böhm, Ilja Rogoff, and all other dry garlic powder products.

Get an idea of the situation:
Kwai forte is approved in Germany at a dose of 3 x 300 mg per day.

The same product is sold in
Austria: 1 x 300 mg per day
USA: 1 x 300 mg per day
England: 1 x 300 mg per day
Greece: 1 x 300 mg per day
Finland: 1 x 300 mg per day

Ilja Rogoff Germany:
3 x 50 mg per day

Keep this in mind when going to buy these things!