We distinguish between


When it comes to garlic preparations, we make a distinction between:

1. Dry garlic powder -

2. Garlic oil macerate -

3. Purely essential garlic oil -
(also referred to as garlic extract, garlic bulb oil, garlic oil – see Strongus)


Dry garlic powder:
3 kg fresh garlic for – 1 kg dry garlic powder.

Garlic oil macerate:
1 kg fresh garlic for – 1 kg garlic oil macerate.
(Soft gelatine capsules)

Essential garlic oil: 4000 kg fresh garlic for – 1 kg essential garlic oil)
(Soft gelatine capsules – garlic capsules – Strongus – resistant to gastric acid)

Strongus with essential oil, with 19 active agents, provides the largest dose, is the most effective and requires the smallest amount to take: only 2 mg before going to bed.

Dry garlic powder:
Average daily dose 1350 mg / day (Kwai forte, Kyolic, Dr. Böhm, Ilja Rogoff etc.)

Garlic oil macerate:
Average daily dose 4000 mg / day (Doppelherz, Klosterfrau Sanhelios etc.)

Essential garlic oil:
Average daily dose: 2 mg / day (Strongus)